Finance & Trade Watch is an independent non-profit organization. Decisions about our work content and strategic direction are taken by the Association Committee.

Additionally we coordinate our work with our member and partner organizations.

These are in Austria: Attac Austria, FIAN Austria, „GLOBAL 2000“ environmental organization, „LeEZA“ (League for emancipatory development co-working), River Watch, „Südwind“, „Globale Verantwortung“ – Working Group on Development and Humanitarian Aid, „DKA – Dreikönigsaktion“ (agency of the Catholic youth group), WWF Austria

Globally, we are working in cooperation with the following partners and networks: European ECA Reform Campaign, ECA-Watch global, Bank Track, Environmental Paper Network and No to Financialization of Nature. Since 2015 we also work closely with the Austrian Movement „System Change, not Climate Change! that was initiated by us.