Network Meeting „How to tackle aviation growth?“

Third network meeting in London, April 28th-29th

Aviation‘s climate impact will consume up to 22 % of our remaining carbon budget until 2050. Therefore we will host the third meeting in order to globally connect different movements, groups struggling against airports, environmental and transport NGOs, trade unions, and academics. This meeting focuses on the strategies and steps we want to take together. Feel welcome if you have already been working on topics related to airports, aviation, trains, or transport – or if you want to get engaged in the future.

How to rapidly reduce aviation?

At the first meeting, we exchanged experiences and discussed problems and obstacles we’re facing, and started discussing existing strategies to tackle aviation. The second meeting focused on adding visions and strategies to this analysis. We also discussed what we could do together in order to effectively encounter aviation and airport expansion, and support train traffic and other alternatives. In our third meeting in London, we will flesh out the next steps – the going public of our network: the launch of a position paper, a website in combination with mapping of airport struggles and possibly joint actions. The goal is to learn from each other and hopefully find ways to rapidly reduce aviation, to stop false greenwashing solutions, and to promote more environmentally friendly transport and economic systems. We want to hold our meetings without flights therefore participation is also possible via online-conference.

Background of the network
While the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) discussed their greenwashed climate strategy the “Stay Grounded”, global coordinated actions at airports around the world took place. In fall 2016, we released this video clip during the ICAO conference. message of our petition: No false solutions! Emissions from aviation cannot be tackled through offsetting or dangerous biofuels, but rather by putting a limit to growth. This is how we started to build an international network to create pressure and tackle aviation growth. The network allows for exchanging experiences, supporting each other, and building public pressure – both locally as well as on an international scale. We have an e-mail-list with around 120 participants, an online library to share documents, online discussions on obstacles, visions and strategies, as well as many plans for this year. The report “The Illusion of Green Flying” has also evolved throughout this process (EN,GE).

If you are interested in joining please contact Mira.Kapfinger(at)