Bauarbeiten begannen ohne Genehmigung

Gemäß einer Meldung der kurdischen Nachrichtenagentur ANF erfolgte der Beginn der Bauarbeiten in Hasankeyf ohne behördliche Genehmigung der zuständigen Stellen:

ANF – Firat News Agency, 16.06.2010:

Construction works began without permission

In Hasankeyf/Batman, DSI (State Hydraulic Works ) and TOKI (Housing Development Administration) have set up a building area in a region where important findings belonging to Neolithic Age have been recovered.

Construction works have started in the interaction environment of protected area of Hasankeyf ancient city. A site which was declared as First Degree protected area in 1978. While the construction works is damaging Hasankeyf and is carried out despite the city protection degree, a number of historical artifacts around were abandoned and will be destroyed. Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive reacted to the works in the area which, the Initiative claims, were started without the relevant permission been given by Diyarbakır Culture and Natural Properties Conservation Regional Directorate.

In a press release, initiative speakers stated that „Civil authorities, trade unions, civil society organizations and people would have to prepare a reconstruction plan for the protection of the area, but they didn’t.“Speakers also pointed out that the decision for construction works were taken without paying any attention to Hasankeyf municipality and people. The spokesperson stated that they will file a criminal complaint against institutions and people that permitted the construction works to go ahead if these are not stopped immediately.

Translator: Berna Ozgencil

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